Once upon a time in Coxos Beach

Following your peugada (footstep)? What is that?

Ai, so much pressure mom – it’s walking where I have my feet.

People that know the Ericeira area, might algo know that going from Coxos bay to Coxos beach through the rocks can be quite the challenge. And that’s how peugada was born, a name that embodies a simple idea: a store for people who, like myself, know that a bit of everything can be the same as not having anything.

Passionate, practical and young-minded women

More and more, sneakers and every day shoes are part of women’s life, not only on the younger generation but also in an older generation like myself.

Shoes that can be used in all occasions, you just need to adapt the clothers and and there and you have any look, be it sophisticated or a relaxed one.

Timeless design, lasting quality

Shoes with a design that doesn’t fall in the traditional fast fashion approach. A high standard in quality and manufacture process for a long lasting pair of shoes.

Low-impact materials

Brands focused in production with sustainable and recycled materials.

Positive impact in local economy

Brands with the manufacture production between Portugal and Spain that have a positive impact for the local and circular economy.

Minimizing the shipping impact

Our eco conscious is also applied to our shipping orders by using recycled materials and packaging that adds the least possible volume to the order.